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Rabo - PASSI launch

Agency: Kingsday Client: Rabobank Role: Art Direction & Design


Rabobank - lancering jongerenpas Passi
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For Rabobank I was given maybe their most fun brief ever: come up with a launch campaign for a new youth bankcard and platform called PASSI. And they made it clear that it should not look like any other Rabo communication. With other words: break with all the brand guidelines. 


So we created a design language based on the 'brutalism' design movement which basically means just doing that: bad kerning, too tight spacing, clumsy cut-outs and so on. One big designers playground!

We created a launch-video with a text to speech voiceover, we asked influencers to talk about money and we had partnerships with TopNotch, Kunstbende & NOC NSF. All through 'their own' channels like: Insta, SnapChat, YouTube, etc.